About ME!

thumb1_meHi everyone! Welcome to my first blog! My name is Liannie and  I live in Puerto Rico. I began to love design since I started to watch MTV. Yep! Mtv changed me everything. Not only I like music, but when I saw the videos, the motion graphics and all the crazy designs, I said to myself: “How they do that? I want to learn that when I grow up!” I am not good at sketching, so I only made doodles and cute stuff until I met Photoshop and Ilustrator. It was fun to learn new things everyday. And now I use After Effects and Flash to integrate my designs and make them more vivid.

Other than designs, I love video games. Yeah…I play a lot Halo and Final Fantasy. I like to listen most any type of music from jazz to hard core metal. But NO reggaeton for me, thank you! I am fun, caring, childish person. Of course I have time to be serious… but that’s not most of the time. ^.^

So why Choco luv Pop? Simple. They are just right for each other. Sweet and Salty. Perfect balance!