Petit Natural

One of my passion is packaging. I can go to any store, and the first thing I look is the packaging of the product. On how they are design, the color palette, the typeface. One of my favorite website about packaging is  Below is an example of a great and attractive bottle packaging from Isabela Rodrigues. Is very sweet and appealing.

For more information about the topic, I suggest to visit the website.


Petit Natural 

10 21 13 PetitNatural 1

Natural juice never looked this good. Brazilian designer, Isabela Rodrigues, designed a funny collectible juice packaging. Developed exclusively for your intern child, bright colors are used to appeal to the growing market. These designs make you feel young and happy.
Designed by Isabela Rodrigues, Porto Alegre, Brazil

10 21 13 PetitNatural 210 21 13 PetitNatural 310 21 13 PetitNatural 410 21 13 PetitNatural 510 21 13 PetitNatural 610 21 13 PetitNatural 710 21 13 PetitNatural 8


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