Bad experience, good laugh

I consider myself with a great sense of humor. Matter of fact, that helps me a lot through my daily living. For me, is like a therapy. I am surrounds with a lot of negatives vibes that sometimes my work can project it. I can’t concentrate or I am not inspired. It is hard to get inspired when you are in a position like. So for me, a good laugh will make me the day. For example, I have a little routine before I start up to design. I go to one of my favorites funny pages,, and read couples of posts. The posts are extremely funny since sometimes that happens to me and probably to you guys. The webpage is basically about posts of bad experiences with a client either you are a designer, merchant, computer programmer or an employee of customer service. This is one of my favorites post:

CLIENT: You’ll be working with one of our interns on this project. She’s not much of a designer, but I’m paying her and she doesn’t have much else to do.

ME: Does she have any design experience at all?

CLIENT: Well, she has a Mac.

I know that someday you will experience one of these. If that happen, just keep a positive attitude and be professional about it. 😀


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